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How to Align Engagement Strategy to Resources

On Tuesday the 25th of June, 3.00 pm GMT | 10.00 am EDT, Esgaia will host a webinar with industry experts to discuss best practices to align engagement strategies to resources, and how to balance competing priorities.

The industry increasingly recognises stewardship as a value-adding feature, able to improve the resilience also on system-level and of the financial system. However, despite the importance of adequate stewardship resourcing, the strategy is significantly under-resourced on industry level.

It is estimated that <5% of total front-line investment expenses are allocated to investment stewardship. To deliver against client and beneficiary interests over the long term, stewardship resources need to increase.

Aligned with fiduciary duty obligations, investors should focus on rightsizing resources to strategy, and vise versa. But it can be challenging to find a balance. In this webinar with industry experts, we will provide practical insights and perspectives on stewardship resourcing to implement effective stewardship programs.


  • Clara Melot, Specialist, System Stewardship, UN PRI

  • Jess Gao, Director, Research, Thinking Ahead Institute

  • Kimberley Lewis, Head of Active Ownership, Schroders

  • Greta Fearman, Investment Stewardship Lead, Cardano

  • Rickard Nilsson, Head of Stewardship Success, Esgaia (moderator)


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