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Webinar: ESG Engagement Management - From Challenges to Best Practices

Tuesday the 18th of April, Esgaia hosted a webinar with industry experts to discuss some of the challenges and best practices around engagement management.

If you missed out on Esgaia’s webinar on investment stewardship and engagement management, you can access the recording here.

We hope it provided some fresh perspectives across the eight propositions covering topics such as engagement resourcing, quality vs quantity, escalation, and data management.

Paraphrasing from the webinar, engagement is not a panacea, if you're choosing engagement first as your approach, then you need to invest sufficient resources, have milestones and clear objectives, and deliver real results. And when engagement alone isn't the answer, you need a holistic approach encompassing a broader set of stewardship tools and a plan for how it all comes together.


  • Rickard Nilsson, Head of Stewardship Success at Esgaia (moderator),

  • Chloe Horne, Stewardship Specialist at the UN PRI,

  • Teni Ekundare, Director, Responsible Investments, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, and

  • Nawar alsaadi, Founder & CEO at Kanata Advisors.

Until next time!


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