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Let’s face it, excel for engagement management isn’t really cutting it anymore is it?

Smart investors now use purpose-built technology to optimise the engagement process. Esgaia’s engagement management software comes in a ready-to-use version, and can be customized upon request.

Benefits of using Esgaia 

100% web-based

Investors access Esgaia's software in a completely cloud-based environment.

Client service

We provide customised onboarding and free support.

Data security

All routines, servers, and data management are handled by experts. 


Esgaia provides an API for internal and third-party integrations.

User experience

Quick and intuitive software developed with the end-user top of mind. 

Free updates

Improvements to existing functions and modules are always included.

Platform capabilites

Engagement records

Monitor progress and record activities against single or thematic engagement records. Aside from standard information such as topic, objective, and milestones, these can be customized with bespoke fields & data points.

Progress monitoring

The software enables users to align progress frameworks with their strategy, for example by defining specific milestones or objectives. Achievements can be binary (completed or not) or be defined according to different levels.

Activity records

Activities (e.g. an email, meeting, or vote) can be linked to engagements or stored as stand-alone activities. Records can be created manually, or automatically via Esgaia’s Outlook Plugin and via integrations to investors’ preferred systems.

Statistics & reporting

Recorded data are automatically analyzed and visualized in a statistics dashboard, and available for export. This includes insights on engagement and activity level, covering stats such as:

  • ESG category, topics and SDGs

  • activity types and contacts

  • engagement results and outcomes

System integrations

We use APIs and SFTP to import and export data of interest to our clients (e.g. holdings, ESG data, and voting records). This is handled on a client-by-client basis.


Users can set deadlines on engagement and objective level, and reminders to follow ups and inactive engagements. These notifications support timely action, and can be received both in the system and via email.

Custom engagement templates

Clients can create multiple templates with mandatory and voluntary fields, as well as pre-populated objectives. Together with custom fields across company, engagement and activity, this offers complete flexibility to enhance data capture.

Permission levels

Admin users can predefine different user levels across a range of editable variables. The more people involved in the engagement process, the stronger the need to ensure proper governance and process management.

Voting records

As part of the engagement toolbox, voting records and rationale can be imported and linked to specific engagements for complete data trails and narrative.


We support both bilateral and collaborative initiatives to jointly work on engagements via the software. Users can invite external parties to collaborate on specific engagements without them having to become clients.

Ready to get started with Esgaia?

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