Optimise the engagement process and advance stewardship reporting

Esgaia’s ESG engagement tracker is a customizable “off-the-shelf” solution. It comes in a ready-to-use version for investors and is customizable upon requests from the customer. The platform enables investors to focus more on true value-adding activities to increase their impact, rather than getting stuck in inefficient administrative tasks around engagement data and records management, team collaboration, and so forth.

Engagement records

When creating a new engagement record, it is possible to select among a range of data points. We offer multiple templates that each is optimized for its purpose (e.g. single engagement template and thematic engagement template). The engagement templates can be customized in order to fulfill specific user needs around applicable fields and mandatory/optional choices. The engagement record is the base to which activities e.g. meetings and voting records are linked.

Engagement page

For each engagement record, an engagement page is created. On this page, all relevant information about the engagement can be found and updated, e.g. Progress, Activities, Status, Milestones, Files, Notes, and History.

Activity records

An activity record (e.g. meeting, site visit, email, conference call) can be linked to an ongoing engagement or just stored as a stand-alone activity. Create the record manually or use the Esgaia Outlook Plugin to automatically import email conversations with counterparties.

Voting records

Improve your active ownership process by integrating and linking voting activity  to engagements. Voting records and rationale can be included in Engagement timelines to support dialogue activities and narrative.


The platform provides notifications on events relating to an engagement. Notifications are default for engagements to which the user is responsible, and also for engagements that a user is actively following/watching. Notification settings can be adjusted and turned off. Notifications are provided on the platform and to the user’s email, depending on the notification type.


The Esgaia Collaboration Network facilitates collaboration between investors. Use the functionality to invite other investors to your engagements (e.g. as part of an escalation process) or get invited by other investors to their engagements.

Insights and analytics

All data that are recorded on the platform are automatically analyzed and visualized on the statistics dashboard. The analytics page includes modules such as; 

  • total number of engagements

  • percentage distribution of ESG category and SDG attribution

  • activity type  (Mail, phone call, etc) and Contact person (CEO, Board, IR, etc) 

  • results of concluded engagements

Data in- & output

It’s possible to import and export multiple datasets to/from the platform using Excel, CSV, FTP or API. We offer integrations to internal systems to automate the transfer of relevant data (e.g. portfolios, company information  and ESG scores) and to third parties to automate transfers of voting records, ESG data, and other relevant data. We have the possibility to add data sources as clients' requirements change.

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