About us

We are a Swedish software company focusing on facilitating investors’ ESG-engagement processes by providing a unique, independent and purpose-built engagement management application. 

Our team consists of former asset managers, engineers, developers, and responsible investment professionals dedicated to improving efficiency, transparency and collaboration in the engagement process, in turn leading to higher quality, influence and impact. We are all passionate about ESG and believe - like most others - that active ownership is a key tool to enable sustainable change at a corporate and thereafter societal level.

Today, corporate and investor dialogues are characterized by a range of enablers and barriers to engagement success. On the challenging side, corporates perceive investors to for example lack quality and continuity in interactions and in the tracking of engagement and corporate progress. Investors in turn experience related hardships around the ability to influence corporates, and to adequately record, monitor and evaluate engagement progress. 


Experiencing these challenges first hand, Esgaia was founded based on the insight that many investors’ systems for engagement management and recording are inefficient and not fit-for-purpose, which can become a hindrance to successful engagements. There is thus a clear need to further digitalize workstreams, which Esgaia is fully committed to addressing through the deployment of technology, offering investors a software-as-a-service model for handling and management of engagement dialogues.

Meet the founders


Esgaia was founded by Anton Ljung, Frida Femling and Simon Kristiansson. Anton has a background in fund management and sustainable investments, Frida possesses expertise in computer engineering and has experience from previous entrepreneurial endeavors, and Simon specializes in IT architecture and web development.

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Our Sustainability Mission

Please see below for our values and goals to make the world a better place.

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