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Webinar (Recording): Meeting Evolving Stewardship Expectations & Reporting Requirements

On Tuesday the 14th of November, Esgaia hosted a LinkedIn live webinar with industry experts on evolving stewardship expectations and reporting requirements.

From the invitation

In recent years, we have seen an avalanche of sustainable investment regulation coming online to battle greenwashing and improve transparency and comparability in the market. Investment stewardship is no exception, where the updated UK stewardship code, the new PRI reporting framework and SFDR are shaping the agenda globally.

Recognising stewardship as one of the most powerful tools available to investors, it's also scrutinised for not being used to its fullest potential. Many investors today struggle to keep up with emerging best practices and disclosure regimes.

In this webinar, we discuss how investors can position themselves to stay ahead of these evolving requirements, covering:

  • Policy insights by the UN PRI,

  • Stewardship recommendations from ShareAction

  • The practitioner’s perspective with Vancity Investment Management

  • Rickard Nilsson, Head of Stewardship Success, Esgaia (moderator),

  • Junru Liu, Senior Policy Analyst, UN PRI

  • Susanna Hudson, Senior Engagement Manager – Investor Standards, ShareAction

  • Kelly Hirsch, Head of ESG, Vancity Investment Management


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