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Webinar (recording): How to Avoid Greenwashing in Investment Stewardship

Missed our webinar on how to avoid greenwashing in investment stewardship? Full recording now available!

From processes and governance structures to portfolio alignment and impact, it has become mission-critical for investors to back up their responsible investing claims. Compliance and reporting now represent significant undertakings for investors that cost money and resources. With regulators clamping down on greenwashing across regions, investors face opportunities and challenges to stay both competitive and compliant. 

Recognising the transitionary phase we’re in, many investors today struggle to keep up with emerging expectations and disclosure regimes. In this webinar, the speakers covered practical insights for investors, across:

  • Policy and standards with the CFA Institute

  • Insights and recommendations from Morningstar

  • The practitioner’s perspective by Danske Bank


  • Nicole Gehrig, Director, Global Industry Standards, CFA Institute

  • Lindsey Stewart, Stewardship Director, Morningstar

  • Oshni Arachchi, Head of Active Ownership, Danske Bank

  • Rickard Nilsson, Head of Stewardship Success, Esgaia (moderator)


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