ESG Engagement Tracking Software for Investors

Use a purpose-built solution to optimize the ESG engagement process

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Trusted by leading responsible investors

Improve quality and efficiency across organisation

Esgaia’s ESG engagement tracker supports investors’ activity recording, progress monitoring, and stakeholder reporting.


You are able to see everything in one place - history of interactions, the status of current engagements, communication logs, and more.​


Advance stewardship reporting & stakeholder communications

Automated ESG engagement statistics enable smooth entity and product-level disclosures.


Recorded data is automatically analyzed and visualized in a statistics dashboard with export functionality. PDF case studies and a website plugin for live statistics is also available.

Operationalise workflow in a cloud-based environment

By using a dedicated system to support the ESG engagement process, investors can ensure proper oversight, transparency and coordination across the organisation.


Integrations with internal and third-party systems help to minimise workflow disruption.


Enhance internal & external collaboration

Systematic records and timelines of activities, user ownership, and the ability to share or watch engagements, supports coordination and transparency. 


The platform can also facilitate external collaboration by centralising and facilitating information sharing, progress monitoring, and so forth.

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Karine Hirn

Partner, Board chair, Chief Sustainability Officer,
East Capital Group

While our investment teams have the primary responsibility for active ownership activities which are fully integrated in our investment processes, Esgaia is instrumental in ensuring adequate management and monitoring of engagements across our portfolios, as well as proper oversight. We use esgaia for reporting purposes to internal and external stakeholders.


Viktoria Voskressenskaia

Sustainability analyst, Öhman Fonder

 I use Esgaia on a daily basis to log my dialogues and activities with companies I engage with. The functions I appreciate the most, are the follow up function to keep track of my dialogues, the KPI function to follow the progress, and the fact that I can store all notes and presentations, including from collaborative dialogues. 

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 Richard Garstang

Partner, Portfolio Manager,
Oldfield Partners

Our entire investment team uses Esgaia to track and monitor our engagement activity. The system is easy to use and allows us to structure our engagements in a consistent manner through the use of milestones and the tracking of relevant activities. We use the data regularly to help answer client enquiries.

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