Track and manage your ESG engagements

Gather and centralize all your ESG engagement data in one place. Use Esgaia's digital platform across your investment team to coordinate tasks from anywhere.  Automate reporting and export crucial data. Collaborate with other investors to increase the awareness of your engagements and pool your capital together to increase your influence.

Build strong and successful ESG engagements

When creating an engagement, you can define a range of data points to help track your progress and increase your likelihood of success. Data points include:

  • Target ESG categories and topics, 

  • PAI indicators

  • ESG materiality

  • Related social development goals (SDGs)


You can create a single engagement that targets one company or a thematic engagement that targets multiple companies.


Automate your work

With Esgaia, you can keep track of milestones and monitor the engagement progress. Our intuitive platform provides a great overview of the statuses of your current engagements, which saves you time and gives you more control over the entire process. 


Aggregated or specific portfolio data can easily be exported and used to report how you have been engaging with portfolio companies to achieve your ESG goals.

Join forces to address and reach ESG targets

Collaborative shareholder engagement is a powerful way for you to address ESG-related issues and reach your target goals. Through Esgaia, you can invite other investors to join your engagements and work together towards a common goal.


Esgaia enables transparent collaborations between investors so you can safely communicate, share data, and follow each other’s progress throughout an engagement’s lifecycle.


Keep documentation in order

Esgaia streamlines the ESG-engagement process by centralizing all of your interactions with your portfolio companies. With Esgaia, you are able to see everything in one place - the history of your interactions, the status of current engagements, communication logs, and more.

Ensure continuity with new team members and synchronize efforts between members of your team. With all of your engagements stored on Esgaia, increase your productivity and reach your goals more effectively.

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