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New year = New functionalities

New year = new functionalities! In this post, you can read about the latest functionality updates on the Esgaia engagement management and recording platform.

Deadlines on milestones and engagements. Investors’ ESG engagement activities are characterised by a range of enablers and barriers to engagement success. On the challenges side, corporates perceive for example investors to lack quality and continuity in interactions and in the tracking of engagement and corporate progress. This new functionality helps you stay on track to ensure continuity and progress in dialog.

PDF case studies of your engagements. It’s now possible to export a report of an engagement for internal and external usage. You can decide what modules (Objective, milestones, timeline, etc.) to include in the export. You can hide or anonymise certain fields and include a custom introduction and summary. The feature can be found on the engagement page under “Additional options”.

Voting records module. Investors are increasingly expected to demonstrate a holistic and aligned responsible investment strategy with consistency across ESG integration, engagement and voting activities. The new voting module allows you to improve this alignment by integrating and linking voting activity to engagements. Voting records and rationale can be included in Engagement timelines to support dialogue activities and narrative.

Real-time statistics module on your website. Similar to how many investors show live voting records, this new functionality of website embeds enables you to show live engagement statistics across e.g. specific funds or mandates. This functionality is probably a market first on the engagement side.

Company controversies. A common triggering point or research input to engagement is controversy research. If you have identified a controversy, you can add that to the company profile and link it to an engagement.

Contact us to learn more about the updates and to discuss general inquires.


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