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East Capital Group selects Esgaia to streamline its active ownership efforts

Esgaia, a platform for managing active ownership, has been selected by East Capital Group as the platform to manage and monitor its engagement activities globally.

Esgaia is a tool that facilitates investors’ engagement with portfolio holdings and other stakeholders, by structuring data and processes, automating reports and allowing collaboration with other investors. Esgaia's aim is to set a global standard for successful active ownership processes.

As a responsible owner, East Capital Group has been engaging with portfolio companies since 1997; first in Russia and Eastern Europe, then globally from 2010 as East Capital expanded into global frontier and emerging markets. East Capital Group is also active in developed markets through Espiria, whose portfolios of global equities and Nordic fixed income will have a strong sustainability focus, with the Sustainable Development Goals constituting the main driving force, and through Adrigo, which invests in and works closely with small and mid-cap Nordic companies.

“We have always had the belief that active ownership is an effective mechanism to reduce risks, maximise returns and have a positive real impact on the world, by driving improvement in corporate practices. We are also convinced that engagement is a much more powerful method than divestment,” says Karine Hirn, Partner and Chief Sustainability Officer of East Capital Group. “With the help of Esgaia, we can streamline our workflows and increase the efficiency of our efforts.”

“We are really excited to see a leading asset manager having active ownership as a top priority. Their commitment to sustainability is genuine, and it is inspiring that they are open to adopting new technology to reach their goals,” says Anton Ljung, co-founder and CEO at Esgaia.

Contact information

Karine Hirn, Partner, East Capital Group

Ilze Johnston, Marketing Communications Manager, East Capital Group

Anton Ljung, CEO, Esgaia AB

About East Capital Group

East Capital Group comprises several strategies and specialisations to offer active management solutions in equities, bonds and real estate assets with a clear ESG framework. Founded in Sweden in 1997, East Capital Group manages a total of EUR 4.5 billion for a broad range of international investors. The main operations include East Capital − specialising in emerging and frontier market equity investments, East Capital Real Estate − managing commercial real estate investments in the Baltic region, Espiria − offering bespoke global and Nordic equities and fixed income strategies, and Adrigo − offering hedge fund strategies targeting absolute returns.

About Esgaia

Esgaia is a Stockholm-based startup offering institutional investors an engagement platform that simplifies active ownership. With Esgaia, investors can manage everything related to company.


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