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Interning at Esgaia

During her education at Linköpings University, Hilda did a three-month-internship at Esgaia. We are very glad that she was part of our journey, and we wish her the best of luck in the future!

What did you do at Esgaia?

I did a three-month internship at Esgaia, working with marketing and business development. Already a few weeks into the internship I got the opportunity to do a variety of tasks including marketing and communication; creating content, researching the market, participating in several finance events, and spreading Esgaia on numerous platforms. I worked closely with the team at Esgaia, supported in sales, and got the opportunity to take part in the business development.

What did you learn?

The first thing I did when I started the internship at Esgaia was to put myself into the world of sustainable finance and to learn about active ownership - which is super interesting! Since Esgaia is a very young company I got the opportunity to, together with the rest of the team, build marketing around the product. From this I have learned to create and coordinate content in a suitable way, spreading awareness of Esgaia and reaching out to our audience. By working with the team behind Esgaia, I gained knowledge about sales and how to strategically develop the product.

How was it working at Esgaia?

It has been very inspiring and rewarding. By working at Esgaia I have been working with a highly engaged and encouraging team. Development and creativity are incorporated into the company as well as in all work tasks. I received the freedom to take responsibility for the tasks during the internship and took part in a very welcoming team.

What's your key takeaway from this internship?

During my three months internship, I have gained valuable experience in being part of a fast-paced developing company. My skills in marketing are strongly improved and I have gathered new knowledge and understanding in the field of sustainable finance that I could not have gathered better anywhere else.


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