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Genesis Investment Management Selects Esgaia Software for Engagement Tracking

Genesis has chosen Esgaia’s independent, purpose-built software to further optimize the engagement process.

Esgaia, a Swedish software company, is focused on simplifying institutional investors' engagement recording and stakeholder reporting by providing a dedicated engagement management software. Genesis will use the solution to assist with activity tracking, progress monitoring, and coordination of engagements across the organisation.

Utilising the software comes at a time when Genesis Investment Management is continuing to advance its investment stewardship practices to help improve sustainability outcomes.

Anton Ljung, CEO at Esgaia, comments: “Addressing market challenges to adequately record, monitor, and evaluate engagement progress, Esgaia’s Software-as-a-Service model provides investors with use case centric functionality, proof-of-concept, time-saving, and continuous improvements. We are encouraged by Genesis Investment Management’s ambition and foresight, and we look forward to working with them to increase efficiency, and in turn, their influence and real-world impact."

Contact information

Anton Ljung, CEO, Esgaia AB

Genesis Investment Management, LLP provides investment management and advisory services to institutional clients invested in emerging market equities.



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